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NABCEP Certificant Profiles

Faces of NABCEP

NABCEP is publishing a series of profiles of Certificants. Learn more about the people who have earned NABCEP Certification by clicking on their name.

John Koontz is a Senior Project Manager with HelioSage, LLC, located in Charlottesville, Virginia. He says, “It is important for the project manager to know all aspects of the project, from initial customer contact to final installation and sign-off by inspectors.”

Rob Wilson is the Manager of Engineering and Construction at Solar Power Partners, Inc. located in Mill Valley, California. Solar Power Partners, Inc. develops, owns and operates distributed commercial and utility solar energy facilities, and sells solar-generated electricity through solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Rob oversees the engineering and technical side of projects from the initial client contact to guiding it through installation and commissioning.

Jessica Baldwin operates Solar Plumbing Design (SPD) in New York City. She is a hands-on plumber who oversees two crews installing residential, solar thermal (ST) installations from New York City to Albany.  “This certification gives me the edge since no other certification says I have explicit knowledge and experience with solar thermal.  This specificity sets down an immediate basis of trust with the customer.  My clients save a ton of headaches because they know the job will be done correctly.”

Steve Fulgham is the Chief Executive Officer of Ambassador Energy located in Murrieta, California. Ambassador Energy is a solar training, support and distribution company, that offers a Business-in-a-Box business model. “I would recertify for NABCEP every year if I could. While other certification agencies offer a standard, NABCEP is the standard for the renewable energy industry.”

Will Herndon is the Executive Vice President of Construction, and co-owner at American Solar Electric, Inc located in Scottsdale, Arizona. “My NABCEP certification provided me with knowledge I can pass on to the 15 field construction teams I am responsible for. There is nothing else out there like it. It is the clear solution to fill company field operation needs.”

Ed Murray is the CEO and President of Aztec Solar, Inc. located in Rancho Cordova, California. Aztec Solar is a solar energy, turn-key solution provider that offers in-house solar water heating, solar pool heating and solar electric power. “I was turned around when both the old and new solar guys saw NABCEP as a way to make us better professionals. People need to feel the solar industry has professional content.”

August Goers has two NABCEP certifications — Photovoltaic Installer and Solar Thermal Installer. He is Vice President of Engineering at Luminalt Solar Energy Solutions located in San Francisco, California. “The San Francisco Bay Area is a very competitive market­place. I wanted to differentiate myself from other install­ers. I like to have the NABCEP logo on my business card. It tells customers that I know what I am doing.”

Louis Woofenden is a certified photovoltaic and solar thermal installer. He works at Net Zero Solar located in Tucson, Arizona. “I grew up in an off-grid home and appreciate that renewable energy is a way to do something good with a fun technology. Working in the renewable energy industry seemed a natural progression for me. I can change the world around me and educate others about ways to improve their lives.”

Goldah Moore began her electrical career working with her electrician father and chose to combine her career to a personal interest in renewable energy.  The NABCEP Certification has increased her confidence in her abilities to do solar installations well.

Jeff Irish, a professional engineer and NABCEP Certified PV Installer, says “Certification benefits my company because it helps to distinguish us from the competition.”

Bruce Padgett feels that the NABCEP exam tests an individual’s expertise that they have learned through hands on experience and knowledge gained from being in the solar industry rather than vague or obscure concepts.