New myNABCEP Platform Coming Soon!

NABCEP New myNABCEP Platform

New NABCEP Certification Management System – COMING SOON!

NABCEP is excited to announce the launch of a new certification management system (CMS) for the myNABCEP platform.

What will the new myNABCEP platform let you do?

  • Complete your applications online, using any mobile device or computer, 24×7
  • Upload and manage your certification files and documents online in a “Digital Wallet”
  • Pay your application & recertification fees online – or upload proof of physical payment
  • Receive email reminders that keep you on time and on task so you never forget something
  • Receive email alerts when we have reviewed and approved your submissions
  • Receive a digital copy of your certificate upon completion
  • User guides and how-to-videos will be available in each account and will be updated periodically with new information

When will the new myNABCEP be available?

We anticipate the new myNABCEP platform to launch in May 2021.

As soon as we have a confirmed live date, we will update this information.

What should I know before the new myNABCEP goes live?

There will be a blackout period the week before the myNABCEP platform launch.  This means you will not be able to access your myNABCEP account during this time or complete any applications.  NABCEP will send an email announcement to all Associates, Board Certified Professionals and NABCEP Registered Training Providers when the dates for this blackout period have been confirmed.

If you currently have an unfinished application in the current myNABCEP platform, we highly recommend completing your application and submitting it as soon as possible to ensure your application is approved prior to launch. When your application data is migrated, the uploaded documents in your current application WILL NOT transfer to the new platform. Keep a copy of all uploaded documents.

NABCEP will hold instructional webinars on the new platform and we’ll post a video of the webinars on the NABCEP website after it’s held for those who cannot attend. We will make an announcement when they will be held soon.

In the meantime, here’s a link to help you prepare to navigate the new Certification Management System! – This is a link that will help you understand the basic navigation and user interface for the new Certification Management System.

Stay tuned to NABCEP’s e-mail alerts for future updates!