Certification Benefits & Discounts

NABCEP’s unique standing in the solar industry allows us to offer these outstanding benefits.
NABCEP Certifications Certification Benefits & Discounts

Benefits of Certification and Accreditation

If you are seeking greater career mobility, and a real competitive advantage, NABCEP is the most recognized and esteemed certification the renewable energy industry has to offer.  NABCEP Board Certification and NABCEP Company Accreditation bring increased credibility and peer recognition. NABCEP Board Certification is the ultimate validation of experience and knowledge in the growing renewable energy industry, and NABCEP Company Accreditation is the highest recognition of quality assurance for solar installation companies.

Knowledgeable consumers choose NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and NABCEP Accredited Companies. NABCEP online directories enable potential customers to connect directly to Certified Professionals and Accredited Companies. The number of states and utility incentive programs relying on NABCEP Certification is on the rise.  Also, public and private bid requests often require or strongly prefer NABCEP Board Certified applicants.

Only NABCEP Board Certified Professionals are allowed to use NABCEP Certification seals in their marketing and outreach. Board Certified Professionals also have access to exclusive merchandise in our online store, and discounts to NABCEP events like our annual Continuing Education Conference.

NABCEP works continually to provide additional benefits through exclusive offers on some of the industry’s top products and services. Please contact us at info@nabcep.org if you have questions about any of the offers below – or have a special offer that you would like to make available to NABCEP Board Certified Professionals or Accredited Companies.


NABCEP Consumer Brochure

Whether you’re thinking about an exciting career in photovoltaics or are already an established PV professional,  NABCEP’s PV Career Pathways Brochure can help you find the right career path. If you’re interested in a career in design, installation, maintenance, or another aspect of working in photovoltaics, NABCEP Board Certifications can boost your earning potential and help you qualify for jobs that match your career interests.

NABCEP Board Certifications are earned by demonstrating your training, experience, and passing a rigorous exam. Board Certifications positively impact your career by giving you:

  • Increased marketability
  • Validation of knowledge
  • Enhanced reputation, credibility, & consumer confidence


Click here to print or download a copy of the NABCEP PV Career Pathways Brochure.


Additional Benefits of Certification and Accreditation:


Post a job opening or apply for job openings.  Get new jobs sent to your inbox with a Job AlertPost your Resume to all Employers, even confidentially.

Attract top industry employers with your NABCEP Board Certification.  For further information, please click here.

Request the 10% discount code.


RENVU is a leading solar equipment distributor, reducing solar equipment costs via smart distribution and automated processes. MegaWatt Club members enjoy FREE Shipping on all orders, $100 off permitting packages, preferred club member prices, all in addition to the competitive prices of RENVU.

RENVU is proud to offer NABCEP certificate recipients a 40% discount for the first year of their MegaWatt membership. Please contact NABCEP for the discount code.

Click here for more information.

RE+ – 15%  Off Discount

The success of RE+ is heavily driven by the two non-profit membership organizations behind it. The partnership between SEPA and SEIA, through their joint ownership of RE+ Events, has resulted in the creation of a robust suite of business and education opportunities for the solar industry. RE+ Events organizers and speakers will strive to create a welcoming, collaborative environment for all attendees and stakeholders. At times, contentious issues are discussed at RE+ Events. These debates make the industry stronger and facilitate the healthy exchange of ideas in a collegial setting. All RE+ Events speakers will strive to present balanced perspectives on all issues in a professional, constructive manner.

Request the 15% discount code.


Through forward-focused thinking, innovative programs, and a passion for the environment, Solar Insure has dedicated itself to securing a successful future for our partners, employees, and communities. For the last 15 years, Solar Insure has provided peace of mind to solar system owners across the U.S. through its superior technology, service, and AM Best A-rated, insurance-backed 30 year warranty for residential and commercial solar energy systems. Our solar and wind engineering backgrounds and high level of personal service allow us to better respond to the needs of our clients and we continually seek to position our partners on the leading edge. We work closely with the industry’s highest-rated and most specialized insurance carriers which have helped make Solar Insure the largest renewable energy broker in the United States.

Learn more about their policies and NABCEP preferred approval available due to our partnership.


Companies with either NABCEP Board Certified Professionals on staff or those that are NABCEP Accredited Companies are eligible for a 10% discount with SolarNexus solar business management software. This discount can be applied to monthly or annual plans.

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SunbaseData is an all-in-one solar software application packed with tools to manage all aspects of operating a solar business from CRM, Marketing, Communications, Sales, Proposals, Project Management, Bookkeeping, Finances, Employee Management, Workflow Automation, Training, Billing, Reporting, and beyond. SunbaseData’s  solar software provides a easy-to-use framework that’s able to be modified to accommodate existing business models, systems, workflow processes, and job roles.  Adopting technology to close more sales and streamline operations has never been easier and more affordable.  No contracts or set up fees.

For your 10% monthly discount code and 30 day free trial please contact Sue McKeen at smckeen@nabcep.org.

Request the 10% discount code.


Women in Solar is the leading non-profit membership organization for women in the solar energy industry. The mission is to promote the involvement of women in the advancement of all aspects of the solar energy industry. All female NABCEP Certificants can receive 25% off the annual membership fee.

Click here for more information on this exclusive offer through Women in Solar Energy.  Request the free promo code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about NABCEP’s Board Certifications, Credentials, benefits, or anything else? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email us at info@nabcep.org.