Trademark and Mark Use

NABCEP is the most recognized and esteemed certification the solar industry has to offer.
NABCEP About Us Trademark and Mark Use

Mark Use Compliance

NABCEP is committed to providing credential programs of quality and integrity for the professionals and the consumers it is designed to serve.  Certification Marks together with an individual’s name and certification number are authorized to those who have successfully passed the specified, rigorous examination in the area of Photovoltaics, Solar Heating, and Small Wind technologies. NABCEP holds all credential holders to high standards of ethical and professional practice and we post the following list in defense of their commitment to maintain their hard-earned credential.

Permission to use NABCEP Marks

NABCEP owns and controls all its Marks.  Permission to use any of the following may be granted upon receipt of written request to

  • Logos
  • Seals
  • Trademark
  • Wordmark
  • Designmark
  • Copyright

Trademark and Mark Use Policy

The organization maintains a Trademark and Mark Use Policy, clearly documenting NABCEP’s ownership, control and exclusive rights to all NABCEP Trademarks. Individuals, businesses, and other organizations, including NABCEP Certificants and credential holders, are not permitted to use the NABCEP Trademarks without written permission.

Permission by NABCEP to use a NABCEP Certification Mark, NABCEP Associate Mark, or NABCEP Company Accreditation Mark does not include authorization to use all NABCEP Trademarks.

Credential Holders must adhere to the Mark Use guidelines detailed in the Trademark and Mark Use Policy.

Seals must always be accompanied by a name and number.

Words must always be accompanied by a name and number.
First and Last Name, NABCEP PVIP 123456-789101

Mark Use Violations

NABCEP Associates, Certificants, Registered Providers, and Accredited Companies who maintain their active status are granted limited rights to use the Marks in accordance with NABCEP Policies. Connected to this right to use is the agreement to protect the NABCEP Brand by reporting to NABCEP any misuse of its logos, seals or any other trademark or copyright material.

Reports of misuse will be held by NABCEP in strict confidence. Upon receiving a report of logo misuse, false claims of certification or any other infringement or other misuses of any NABCEP Trademarks will be challenged. Following the receipt of information that unauthorized use of a NABCEP Trademark may have occurred, NABCEP will determine if responsive action(s) will be taken in accordance with its Policies, and applicable Federal, State, and International laws.