The North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP) has three directories that list NABCEP Board Certified Professionals, NABCEP Associates and NABCEP Accredited Companies: the Board Certified Directory, the Associate Directory and the NABCEP Accredited Companies Directory (collectively the “Directories”).

The intended use of the Directories is to allow employers and consumers to verify the NABCEP certification status of individuals and companies; to ask questions about a product or service covered by the certification specialty; or to reach individual contractors for professional references. Note, NABCEP Associate credential holders do not list their companies; this is a benefit offered only to Board Certified Professionals. Renewable energy professionals may use these Directories for peer–to-peer professional discourse, knowledge sharing and best practices. Discussion boards are also available on NABCEP’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

EMPLOYERS AND CONTRACTORS SEEKING TO HIRE A NABCEP PROFESSIONAL may access and use the NABCEP Career Center for job postings and resumes.

SOLICITATION: Solicitation for improper use of a NABCEP Certification is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, requesting authorization to use an individual’s certification for any project in which they were not otherwise involved.

LIMITED USE LICENSE: NABCEP uses the contact form to protect our certificants from unwanted solicitation and spam. By submitting a contact form, you are bound by these Terms of Use.

ACCEPTABLE USE: You may use the NABCEP Professional Directories to verify an individual or company’s NABCEP Certification status. Other permitted use includes professional advice regarding the design, installation, or purchase of renewable energy systems; problem solving inquiries for storage issues; and, operations and maintenance questions.

LIMITATIONS OF USE: The content and manner of your message may not contain information that is contrary to NABCEP’s Code of Ethics or Standards of Conduct. Messages may not include:

  • Confidential, proprietary or sensitive information;
  • Disclose or solicit the private information of any person;
  • Use threatening, abusive, harassing, stalking, or defamatory language;
  • Deceptive, false, misleading or fraudulent claims;
  • Be invasive of another’s privacy or otherwise violate another’s legal rights (such as rights of privacy and publicity);
  • Infringes a third party’s intellectual property right(s).


The Professional Directories and its contents, in whole or in part, are the sole property of NABCEP, and may not be reproduced, copied, disseminated, used in connection with a mailing list, or otherwise, in any form, manner, or means.

NABCEP’s Professional Directories identifies individuals and companies in good standing who have satisfied the professional certification standards established by NABCEP. While NABCEP makes all reasonable efforts to maintain current and accurate Directory information, NABCEP does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or fitness of the information contained herein for any purpose. By identifying the individuals and companies in the Directories, NABCEP does not endorse or guarantee the individual or company’s services, or any business or other organization with which the individual or company may be affiliated. NABCEP disclaims all liability and responsibility for any action or decision made in reliance on the information contained herein, or for any actions or inactions of the certificants with respect to any party, or for any loss or injury. NABCEP is not responsible for certificant compliance with legal requirements related to professional and occupational activities, or otherwise.


NABCEP certification is not a professional license issued by a government agency, and does not authorize an individual or company to practice. NABCEP certificants and companies must comply with all legal requirements related to practice, including licensing laws.

NABCEP does not endorse, sponsor, or otherwise support the services or products of any individual, company or organization, including our financial supporters (sponsors) or those who provide an internet link to the NABCEP website. NABCEP is not in any way responsible for such services or products, or the representations made by those individuals, companies or organizations concerning their services or products.

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