NABCEP News Small Wind Certification Comes to NABCEP

Small Wind Certification Comes to NABCEP

NABCEP is in the process of launching its new Small Wind Certification!

A group of small wind experts comprised of educators, installers, and other experienced wind energy leaders have been working diligently for two years to develop NABCEP’s new Small Wind Task Analysis, which will serve as the foundation for the materials addressed in the NABCEP Small Wind Certification examination.  The Task Analysis has now been submitted for stakeholder comment and fully approved by the Board.  While NABCEP will work towards administering its first exam in September, it may be pushed back until March 2010, depending on high quickly we can convene wind energy installers and other experts to develop and test examination questions and Study Guide materials.

We need your help!  If you are a small wind installer or possess significant small wind energy expertise and would like to volunteer to help develop the new NABCEP Small Wind Certification Examination or Study Guide, please contact us at  Please note that members of the Examination Committee are not able to take the Certification examination for two years after leaving the Committee.