NABCEP News NABCEP to Request Input on Development of System Inspector Credential

NABCEP to Request Input on Development of System Inspector Credential

Clifton Park, NY (May 4, 2015)- NABCEP has been funded by the New York State Energy Development and Research Authority (NYSERDA) to develop credentials for PV and Solar Heating System Inspectors. The goal of this project is to develop and begin administering credentials for individuals who inspect customer-sited PV and solar hot water systems. Inspectors are a key component in ensuring quality renewable energy installations for customers. The credential will encourage those who are responsible for inspecting systems to increase their knowledge of these systems and what to look for when performing their job as it relates to solar technologies.

NABCEP has formed technical committees that have created draft Job Task Analysis (JTA) for each credential. A Job Task Analysis defines a set of knowledge, skills and abilities typically required of PV or Solar Heating System Inspectors.  The JTA guides the development of an exam by which individuals can demonstrate that they possess the skills and knowledge deemed necessary to do the job well.

We are now working closely with our testing contractor, Castle Worldwide, to complete a Validation Study for each new JTA. Once the Validation Survey is complete, it will be distributed through various outreach and social media channels in order to collect input.

NABCEP asks that you continue to check your e-mail, our website, and social media pages in the coming weeks in anticipation of the release of this survey.