NABCEP News NABCEP Seeks Volunteers to Help Develop a Company Accreditation Program

NABCEP Seeks Volunteers to Help Develop a Company Accreditation Program

Clifton Park, NY, May 5, 2010 – NABCEP


NABCEP is pleased to announce that it will develop a Company Accreditation Program for renewable energy companies that meet specific and verifiable criteria based on business practices, hiring practices, and social and environmental policies and practices.

Working with the financial support of New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), NABCEP will work with stakeholders to define the criteria, eligibility, fees, and policies for the accreditation. Jane Weissman, Vice Chair of NABCEP, will chair the Company Accreditation Committee.

Call for Volunteers

NABCEP’s first step in developing criteria for company accreditation is to establish a committee of volunteers representative of stakeholders who will be affected by or who will seek to attain the credential. To that end, NABCEP is calling for volunteers from installation companies of various sizes, sales and distribution companies, RE manufacturers, certificants, trade organizations, government and consumer advocates.

The committee will:

  • Meet by phone and through webinars;
  • Meet in person to develop the framework for the credential;
  • Assist staff who will circulate the framework validation survey to company executives likely to seek the credential; and
  • Present to the NABCEP Board a draft of criteria, eligibility requirements, fees, policies and procedures for company accreditation.

Timeline and Volunteer Commitment

It is NABCEP’s intent to have the Accreditation Committee’s draft presented to the Board in October 2010. Described activities will take place from June-September. Committee members should expect to devote two days plus travel for in-person meetings, 15-20 hours of phone and web-based meetings, and any follow up committee assignments. Committee members may be asked to volunteer up to forty hours of time on this project.

Volunteer Criteria and Selection Process

NABCEP committees represent the full range of stakeholders who are affected by the mandate of the committee. Volunteers are sought from all the sectors of the renewable energy industry that would be affected by company accreditation.

To volunteer, please send an email with a brief explanation of the stakeholder group you feel you represent along with a copy of your CV (two page maximum). Send emails with the subject line “Company Accreditation Volunteer” to NABCEP staff and the committee chair will review expressions of interest and select committee members that create the most balanced and representative group possible. The deadline to submit resumes for consideration is May 21, 2010.


The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a volunteer board of renewable energy stakeholder representatives that includes representatives of the solar industry, NABCEP certificants, renewable energy organizations, state policy makers, educational institutions, and the trades. Each member of the board was chosen because of his or her experience and involvement in the solar energy industry. NABCEP’s mission – to support, and work with, the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries, professionals, and stakeholders – is intended to develop and implement quality credentialing and certification programs for practitioners.