NABCEP News Company Accreditation Survey is Open for Participation

Company Accreditation Survey is Open for Participation

July 29, 2011 (Clifton Park, NY) – The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is pleased to report that work continues to advance on the Company Accreditation program that was announced earlier this year. Owners and senior management personnel of residential and light commercial PV Installation companies are invited to offer their views on the proposed accreditation program by taking part in an online survey. The survey presents the requirements and electives of the program and asks respondents to indicate their agreement with each standard and the length of time it would take the responding company to meet each proposed standard. There are sections for input on the suggested cost of accreditation and, of course, an opportunity to offer general comments on the accreditation program proposal.

A cornerstone of all NABCEP programs is ensuring that they meet the needs of the renewable energy markets that are served and the company accreditation program is no exception. The accreditation program criteria was developed through a collaborative process involving a committee of business owners and senior managers. The intent of the survey is to validate the work of the committee and gather input that will enable them to review the markets’ response to their efforts and further fine tune the criteria to meet the needs of the PV installation industry.

Ezra Auerbach, NABCEP’s executive director says, “There has been much interest in the past few years in a program that will enable PV installation companies to demonstrate that they meet the highest standards in the industry. The company accreditation program is intended to allow the most outstanding companies in the industry to distinguish themselves. It offers them a way to show their customers that the entire company is committed to quality assurance.”

Individuals should visit to take part in the survey before August 15, 2011.