NABCEP News Changes to PV Installer Certification

Changes to PV Installer Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) has voted to implement changes to its PV Installer Certification. The changes that the Board approved this week include:

  • A name change of the certification to NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional;
  • Revised language to the introduction, scope statement, the job description in the Job Task Analysis (JTA); and,
  • Changes to the eligibility criteria.

These changes reflect the evolution of the PV Installation industry along with the evolution of installation related careers and allow wider range of PV Installation professionals to attain and maintain certification. Click on these links for a full text of all the changes to the NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional JTA Changes and NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional Eligibility Requirements .

Ezra Auerbach, NABCEP’s Executive Director, notes, “The heart of the JTA which are the tasks, criticality ratings and exam blueprint remain unchanged. Our extensive public input gathering process clearly indicated that multiple individuals with decision making roles in the installation process all use the full range of knowledge that is delineated in the JTA and tested on the certification exam.” He continues, “The changes will not affect the certification status of individuals who already hold the PV Installer Certification. Their certification number will remain the same and they will continue to be listed on the NABCEP website.”

NABCEP Chairperson, Don Warfield states, “One thing that we want to make very clear is that the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Certification will remain as rigorous, meaningful and difficult to attain as ever before. In order to be successful on the exam all candidates will need to be fully conversant in all aspects of all the duties described in the Job Task Analysis. Our organization prides itself on offering certifications that are based on experience, training and testing and on that basis will not change.”

The eligibility criteria for the certification examination and recertification will expand to include individuals who fulfill job duties, which include but are not limited to: installer, designer, project manager, quality assurance and commissioning specialist or superintendent. The common element across the range is that candidate or recertification applicant must document that they preform a job role that involves making decisions that materially affect the outcome of the quality and serviceability of the installation. The revised eligibility criteria will become effective on February 2, 2013.