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The NABCEP Associate Program relies on a network of Registered NABCEP Associate Providers to deliver training that covers one or more of the NABCEP Associate Learning Objectives in photovoltaics, solar heating, or small wind. Completion of a course or program with a Registered NABCEP Associate Provider is one pathway that an individual may take to become eligible to take a NABCEP Associate Examination and earn a NABCEP Associate credential. Most Registered NABCEP Associate Providers are authorized to administer the exam for which they are registered to any student who successfully completes a training course or program that covers the relevant NABCEP Associate Learning Objectives. All Registered NABCEP Associate Providers my authorize individuals, who completed the requisite training, to take an exam through NABCEP’s network of computer based testing centers across the US and Canada (managed by Castle Worldwide).

For organizations interested in becoming a Registered NABCEP Associate Provider, the NABCEP Associate Provider Info Packet provides information about the program, requirements for participation, policies, and procedures. Interested institutions should read the Info Packet thoroughly before applying.

If you are interested in registering your educational institution to become a Registered NABCEP Associate Provider, and are not already registered for another technology, start a new REGISTERED PROVIDER APPLICATION here.

Institutions that are already a Registered NABCEP Associate Provider, or have an application in process, may LOG IN HERE. Through their my.NABCEP account, Registered Exam Administrators may submit candidate eligibility information, download examination booklets, access the NABCEP Associate Exam Administration Manual, register new instructors, and perform other administrative functions.