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NABCEP Associate Program – Now Available in 97 Countries Worldwide



The NABCEP Associate Program is intended for many people who are currently working in, or seeking employment in, the renewable energy industry, including those who are: students in renewable energy programs, workers at an early stage in their renewable energy career, experienced professionals who have just begun offering renewable energy products or services, or those in renewable energy jobs for which there is no professional certification.

The NABCEP Associate Program recognizes individuals who have demonstrated knowledge of the fundamental principles of the application, design, installation, and operation of Photovoltaic, Solar Heating or Small Wind energy systems. A NABCEP Associate credential (NABCEP Photovoltaic Associate™, NABCEP Solar Heating Associate™, or NABCEP Small Wind Associate™) is earned by passing an examination based on the related NABCEP PV Associate Job Task Analysis (JTA). NABCEP Associates are recognized by NABCEP on an online directory and are provided with rights to utilize NABCEP Associate word and trade-marks to recognize their accomplishment to others. Full program policies and procedures are found in the NABCEP Associate Handbook, which all applicants should read thoroughly before applying.

There are three pathways to obtaining a NABCEP Associate credential.

  • Successfully complete a photovoltaics, solar heating, or small wind training course with a NABCEP Registered Associate Provider, and pass the relevant NABCEP Associate Examination. CLICK HERE TO FIND A CLASS
  • Document at least 6 months of full time equivalent work experience in a job that is directly involved with photovoltaics, solar heating, or small wind technologies, and pass the relevant NABCEP Associate Examination. CLICK HERE to open an account to apply.
  • Already have a NABCEP Entry Level Achievement Award for photovoltaics or solar heating, and pay a small conversion fee. If the award was earned more than three years ago, documentation of at least 12 hours of continuing education will also be required. CLICK HERE to open an account to apply.


Online practice exams are now available for the NABCEP PV Associate Credential Exam (Click Here).   As an exam candidate, you now have the opportunity to become comfortable with the format of the exam. It also allows test-takers to become more comfortable with the timing of the exam and knowing how long to spend on a given question.

As the market grows for PV, Solar Heating and Small Wind technologies, individuals with an industry-validated NABCEP Associate Exam credential may find that their employment opportunities are enhanced and their resumes distinguished. Employers can have confidence that they are hiring or promoting someone who is committed to learning and professionalism, and who has demonstrated a strong understanding of the basic terms and operational aspects of a PV, Solar Heating or Small Wind system.  While passing a NABCEP Associate exam does not by itself qualify an individual to design, sell, install, or maintain systems unsupervised, it does prove that a person has passed a comprehensive examination covering the fundamentals of the technology, and can be a useful tool in recognizing talent. NABCEP maintains an online NABCEP Associate Directory, which can be used to verify if someone has an active NABCEP Associate credential.

NABCEP Associates in good standing may utilize the Marks below in accordance with the NABCEP Trademark and Mark Use Policy. Only individuals with an active NABCEP Associate credential are authorized to utilize the Marks, any unauthorized use should be reported to info@nabcep.org.