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Get NABCEP Board Certified from the Comfort and Safety of Your Own Home

NABCEP Board Certification and Associate credentialing exams are now available as live online proctored (LOP) exams. You can now earn your NABCEP Board Certification and Associate credentials on your own computer and without having to leave your home.  LOP reduces the costs and safety concerns associated with traveling to testing sites, which makes NABCEP’s exams more accessible and safe, while also decreasing our collective carbon footprint.

NABCEP Board Certified Professionals enjoy:

  • Increased marketability
  • Validation of knowledge 
  • Enhanced reputation, credibility, & consumer confidence
  • Digital badges that easily link to social media, email signatures, and websites

Here’s what people are saying about NABCEP’s Board Certifications and Associate Credentials:

If you’re interested in a career in design, installation, maintenance, or another aspect of working in photovoltaics, NABCEP Board Certifications and Associate credentials can boost your earning potential and help you qualify for jobs that match your career interests and goals.

Brandon Johnson

Entry-level PV Installer

Breaking into the industry

“Unemployment gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my goals, and I realized that I wanted to get into the renewable energy industry to do my part to help the planet. The problem was that I had zero experience or training. I took a NABCEP registered course and then passed my NABCEP PV Associate exam, which helped me break into the industry and land a new job!” 

Barbara Lane

Experienced PV System Designer

Set yourself apart

“While I was recently looking for a job as a PV system designer, I needed a way to set myself apart from the competition to find a great job. I earned my NABCEP Board Certification, and that stood out to employers more than anything else on my resume. I highly recommend getting NABCEP Board Certified to anyone looking for a better job.”

Marie Jones

Marketing Manager

Attract more customers

“I had been NABCEP Board Certified for a few years, but I recently added the NABCEP logo and digital badge to my company’s website and my email signature. The response from customers looking to invest in PV has been amazing! I wish I had used my NABCEP Board Certification to attract customers sooner. Thanks, NABCEP!”

9 out of 10 employers prefer to hire NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and Associates

Earn Your Board Certification at Home

Set yourself apart by earning the gold standard in renewable energy Board Certifications.

Unsure which NABCEP Board Certification or Associate Credential is best for you? Check out the NABCEP Career Wheel.

3 Associate Pathways- Experience Counts!

If you’ve been in the renewable energy industry for 6 months, you can qualify to take a NABCEP Associate credentialing exam from home in either photovoltaics, solar heating, or small wind. There are 3 different pathways to earn a NABCEP Associate Credential, so choose the one that works best for you!

Education Pathway

Successfully complete a photovoltaics, solar heating, or small wind training course with a NABCEP Associate Registered Training Provider, and pass the relevant NABCEP Associate Examination.

Click here to find a class.

Experience Pathway

Document at least six months of full-time equivalent work experience in a job that is directly involved with photovoltaics, solar heating, or small wind technologies, and pass the relevant NABCEP Associate Examination.

Entry-Level Conversion

You already received a NABCEP Entry Level Achievement Award for photovoltaics or solar heating, and pay a small conversion fee. If the award was earned more than three years ago, documentation of at least 12 hours of continuing education within the last three years will also be required.


NABCEP® is the most respected, well-established, and widely recognized certification organization for professionals in the field of renewable energy. NABCEP offers certifications and credentials for skilled professionals, specialists and those new to working in the areas of photovoltaics, solar heating, and small wind technologies. The first NABCEP Solar PV Installer certification exam (now called PV Installation Professional) was administered in 2003. Since then, NABCEP has launched and maintained 8 Board Certification Programs and 3 Associate credentials.

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