How to Apply

Applying for the most recognized certification the solar industry has to offer is easy via our online portal.
NABCEP How to Apply

How do I start an application?

To begin an application for all NABCEP Board Certifications, you are required to first create a myNABCEP account if you do not already have one.

To open a myNABCEP account or login to an existing account, click the button below:

Please note: Applicants, Candidates and Certificants are allowed only ONE account in the NABCEP Database. Each candidate must have a unique Profile including their own email address. Adding or having multiple accounts in myNABCEP may result in your Exam Score being invalidated.

What is the application process?

We strongly urge you to read the NABCEP Certification Handbook before you start your application. Once you have read the Certification Handbook, and understand the requirements, there are several steps between starting an application and taking the exam.

1. Fulfill Eligibility Criteria

NABCEP’s Board Certifications require you to meet both experience requirements, and advanced training requirements, before you can take any exam. You will need to provide us with the details of your experience and training, so we recommend that you gather and prepare this information before you open the application.

To find out the eligibility requirements, consult the NABCEP Certification Handbook for the Board Certification that interests you. Each one has unique eligibility requirements.

2. Complete Application

Once you’ve determined that you meet the eligibility requirements, it’s time to apply. Collect the following information and then use our online application portal to guide you through the application process.

  • Contact information — email, address, phone number, date of birth
  • Experience — details of the projects you’ve worked on including the address, date of installation, proof of a decision-making role, organization details, permits, final approved inspections, and any other required documentation based on the particular Board Certification
  • Advanced Training — course completion documents for courses attended, training provider information, verification of the length of the course, and completion date
  • OSHA — course completion documents for either OSHA 10-Hour Training for Construction or OSHA 30-Hour Training for Construction

Once you open an application, it will remain active for 2 years, after which time it will expire.

Tip: To complete the application quickly, gather all of the information and documentation you need before opening it. Otherwise, it might take you multiple sessions to complete your application.

Important Note: All NABCEP notifications are sent via email.  To help assure successful delivery of these important communications, add to your “safe senders” list (white list) and firewall.

3. Application Review

Once you submit your application, we will review it to verify that you meet the eligibility requirements and that your experience and training are valid and consistent with the guidelines stated in the NABCEP Certification Handbook.

Although the volume of applications can vary significantly throughout the year, NABCEP staff will typically be able to review your application within 5–10 business days, although it may take up to 30 days. Once our review is complete, we will notify you by email to move on to the next step.

If we have any questions or issues with your application, we’ll flag your application and email you with detailed instructions.

Read Frequently Asked Questions about the application process.

4. Payment

There are two payments involved in the application process. The first occurs when you submit your application, and the second occurs after your application has been approved and you are scheduling to take the exam. The fastest and easiest way to pay is through our application portal,

Once you’ve paid your exam fee, you will receive an email from our testing vendor, Castle Worldwide Inc., that includes the instructions and information you will need to schedule your exam. From the date of application approval by NABCEP, you are eligible to take the exam for two years (with the exception of System Inspector exams, which must be taken within 6 months), and you may take it up to four times during that period. NABCEP requires that you wait for a minimum of two weeks between exam attempts.

Note:  To help ensure successful delivery of Castle’s scheduling instructions, you should add to your “safe senders” list (white list) and firewall.

5. Schedule Exam Appointment

For all certifications, with the exception of the PV System Inspector and Solar Heating System Inspector exams, your exam will occur at one of Scantron’s testing facilities. To view the list of testing sites, please click here.

For the PV System Inspector and Solar Heating System Inspector exams, you can schedule your exam in a live online proctored (LOP) environment through Scantron.

After you’ve completed all of the steps above, the only thing left to do is take the exam. Good luck!

NABCEP Board Certifications

Developed by subject matter experts for industry professionals, our U.S.-based certifications are built on rigorous standards and ongoing research to meet the real-world needs of customers, businesses, utility companies, and governmental organizations. With a NABCEP Board Certification attached to your name, you can work in the renewable energy industry anywhere around the globe.

Types of NABCEP Board Certifications

NABCEP certifies renewable energy professionals who meet U.S. standards in safety, business and installation best practices throughout the world. NABCEP offers Board Certifications in:

NABCEP Associate Programs

The NABCEP Associate Program is intended for those currently working, or seeking employment, in the renewable energy industry, including individuals who are:

  • Students in renewable energy programs
  • Workers at an early stage in their renewable energy career
  • Experienced professionals who have just begun offering renewable energy products or services
  • Those in renewable energy jobs for which there is no professional certification

NABCEP offers Associate credentials in the following areas:

By passing one of NABCEP’s Associate exams, individuals demonstrate their knowledge of the fundamental principles of the application, design, installation, and operation of these renewable energy systems.

NABCEP Associates are recognized by NABCEP on an online directory and have the right to utilize NABCEP Associate word and trade-marks to recognize their accomplishment to others.


NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and NABCEP Associates may submit their recertification/renewal application during the third year of their current certification or credential period. For NABCEP Board Certified Professionals, review the recertification requirements in the NABCEP Certification Handbook. For NABCEP Associates, review the renewal requirements in the NABCEP Associate Handbook.

Recertification/Renewal Process

NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and Associates are required to log in to their account to complete and submit a recertification or renewal application electronically for review. Certificants will need to log in at and enter their username and password.  Once logged in, look to the right of the dashboard and you will see a gray box that says “Recertification/Renewal”.  Click on the link in the gray box to start the recertification application.

How do I return to an application I already started?

If you have previously started a NABCEP Certification Application in myNABCEP, click here to return to the application.

Fees (non-refundable)

To view NABCEP’s Fee Schedule, click here.