NABCEP Events Free Training Title: Best Practices to Install Solar on Metal Roofs

Title: Best Practices to Install Solar on Metal Roofs

Apr 9, 2020 12:00 EST-1:30 EST | Online

David-Stahler-NABCEP-Webinar-Solar-MountingCredit: NABCEP-Approved – Earn 1.5 JTA hrs

Course Description

With the demand for sustainable power on the rise, building owners and homeowners alike are turning to solar power as a supplemental power generator. Choosing the right platform for solar panels is critical to the design process and can significantly impact both initial and long-term costs.

This course covers the various types of metal roofs, how they are constructed and their numerous advantages for solar installations. Various solar mounting systems and the myriad of roof attachments are presented along with performance and cost comparisons. Finally, other fundamental aspects of solar installation on metal roofs are discussed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. The basics of metal roofs and metal roof components, including their widespread use
  2. How a metal roof is a perfect solar platform
  3. A comparison of mounting methods and attachments for solar on metal roofs
  4. Best practices for installing solar on metal roof