NABCEP Events Free Training The Financials of Site Electrification and Resilience

The Financials of Site Electrification and Resilience

Nov 2, 2021 13:00-16:00 | Webinar

This class will help you confidently model and communicate the financial value of solar-energy systems. It will do the same for battery systems and “flexible load control” systems — and will help you understand why these two technologies, along with solar, are crucial in a smart zero-carbon electric grid. Going further, the class will review the technology and financials of whole-building electrification. It will consider the feasibility of keeping the building powered when the grid isn’t available using on-site technologies. Reviewed electrification technologies include air and water heat-pumps, induction cooktops and electric ovens, electric-car chargers, smart-load control, whole-building monitoring, and “power control systems.” The class will consider co-optimization of energy reduction and indoor air-quality improvement. Overall, the class argues that today’s forward-thinking solar design + installation companies should work to transition themselves into tomorrow’s whole-building energy-system design + installation companies.

The class will give you a strong foundation by explaining underlying factors — PG&E rate plans, net metering 2.0 and upcoming net metering 3.0, the SGIP battery incentive, financing, tax effects, etc. It will also explain go-to financial concepts and metrics from the ground up, including the discount rate, NPV, IRR, and LCOE — that can help financially-literate prospects make a quick and confident decision. It will realistically address property resale-value increases related to energy investments. The class covers both residential and non-residential (with a focus on smaller non-residential projects).

Note that the class will include 8 hours of lecture time over 3 afternoons (Nov 2 – 4, from 1-4pm). The class scope is very broad and is intended both for advanced participants and participants new to energy work. The instructor welcomes your active participation. Real-time questions and comments are encouraged! Eligible for six hours of NABCEP-certification credits.

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