NABCEP Events Free Training Remote Solar Design with HelioScope

Remote Solar Design with HelioScope

Apr 1, 2020 11:00-12:00 |
Shade Based Height Estimation

Coronavirus is changing everything – from our personal daily routing, to our family life, and especially the way we work. If your team depends on making sales at the kitchen table or in the boardroom, the next few months will require rapid adaptation. Given the changes this requires – we at Folsom Labs want to do everything we can to support you. We’re putting together a free webinar training series focused on remote solar design with HelioScope.

Join Canute Haroldson from Folsom Labs this Wednesday 4/1/20 for a deep dive into remote solar design with HelioScope, from getting the exact height of your obstructions to preparing for permitting. A former commercial designer, Canute was known for his lightning-fast layouts and cost saving designs using all remote tools. Make your remote work an opportunity to improve your business, not just an unfortunate consequence of social distancing restrictions.

Shade Based Height Estimation
Accurately estimate the height of shading obstructions with HelioScope