NABCEP Events Free Training Town Hall: A Solar Shift? Mental Models for the New Normal

Town Hall: A Solar Shift? Mental Models for the New Normal

Jun 17, 2020 9:00 AM PT-10:00 AM PT | Webinar

We’ve been in crisis mode for a few months now, but it now feels like we’re entering a new phase—a complicated one for sure, but things appear to be improving. On June 17th, we’ll take an opportunity to pick up our heads and talk about the road ahead. In particular, we’ll discuss whether there is a new opportunity—as we come out of this crisis—to reconsider our previously held beliefs about the industry. What worked? What didn’t? How have consumer expectations changed? Five years from now, what does the solar contracting business look like? Is there now an opportunities to shift our thinking and come out stronger than before?

We hope you’ll join us and our sellar lineup of guests:
  • Boaz Soifer CEO BayWa r.e. Solar Systems
  • Vikram Aggarwal CEO/Founder Energy Sage
  • Martha Amram, economist, and CEO of
  • Joe Marhamathi – CEO of Ipsun Solar
  • Scott Nuygen, CEO of TerraWatts.

Further reading: Here’s an excerpt from Boaz’s latest article, to help provide context to our conversation.

The world has changed, and our industry now has a different set of operational principles associated with it than before. Everything from digitalization (especially in the sales process) to global supply chain resilience (and how that’s going to be prioritized over just-in-time or lowest-cost principles) to a new emphasis on individual and community energy security, to increased awareness of the balance between economy and environmental well-being: all these changes from these mere nine weeks exemplify our new reality — and a new, requisite awareness to match.”

Thank you all again for participating in our Solar Town Hall events and being part of our solar community. We’ll see you on June 17!