NABCEP Virtual CE Conference

NABCEP 2020 CE Conference Moving to a Virtual Experience

It is with great pleasure that we announce the NABCEP 2020 CE Conference has been moved to a virtual experience. The virtual CE Conference will be hosted within Instructure’s learning management software (LMS) platform, which is the current #1 LMS platform in the world.

The virtual 2020 NABCEP CE Conference will include our regular offerings and opportunities for engagement, including technical training sessions, panel sessions with subject matter experts, keynote speaker, and space to connect with sponsors, exhibitors, and trainers from across the globe. The agreement with Instructure will enable NABCEP to create and manage an LMS platform that is a visually stimulating and engaging virtual environment that will deliver an effective, educational, and fun-filled event. The CE Conference hosted on the LMS platform will also integrate with numerous online tools, allow for leaderboards and gamification, and enable meet-and-greets through virtual meeting platforms like Zoom and GoToMeeting.

In addition to participating in the live event, all attendees will have access to on-demand recordings for one (1) year within NABCEP’s new LMS platform. NABCEP believes that it’s partnership with Instructure, which is the industry leader in online LMS development with 30 million global users, will enable solar industry newcomers and professionals to expand their potential, amplify their impact, and be stronger lifelong learners while helping NABCEP achieve its mission of improving quality assurance in the renewable energy industry.

The annual NABCEP CE Conference brings together globally-recognized experts in solar PV. The CE Conference provides advanced-level content geared toward PV industry professionals who have experience with PV installation, solar + storage, technical sales, design, O&M, or system inspection. This is the only industry event that allows NABCEP Board Certified Professionals and Associate credential holders to obtain all of the continuing education units needed to recertify. Non-certified renewable energy professionals seeking to advance their career can earn up to 18 hours towards becoming NABCEP Board Certified by attending the virtual CE Conference.

The NABCEP 2020 CE Conference was originally planned to be held March 16-19th but was postponed due to the national emergency concerning COVID-19.

For anyone with an expiring NABCEP Board Certification or Associate Credential:

If you have a paid registration for the 2020 NABCEP CE Conference and your NABCEP Board Certification or Associate credential will expire before the end of the 2020 CE Conference, we will move your expiration date to December 15th, 2020.  If you have not yet registered for the conference and your certification or credential will expire, please register and make your payment first, then email Sue McKeen at to let her know you need your expiration date moved. This will allow you to keep your Board Certification or Associate credential current until you attend the conference and you will have 30 days afterward to submit your recertification or renewal application. If your recertification or renewal application has not been submitted by midnight of August 11th, 2002, it will expire.

If you do not wish to attend the CE Conference as a way to meet your continuing education requirements, then your expiration date will remain the same.  A list of NABCEP registered courses can be found on the NABCEP Course Catalog located on our website.