March 10, 2010

Charting Your Solar Course: what to look for in renewable energy training programs

Information about and courses for solar energy training used to be sparse with just a few organizations shouldering most of the load.  But in an amazingly short time, demand for trained installers has resulted in an explosion of course offerings across the U.S.  You’re interested in getting into the industry, but where do you start?  What should you be looking for?

Charting Your Solar Course, in the April/May 2010 issue of Home Power Magazine, is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand article about renewable energy training opportunities in the U.S.

The article focuses on renewable energy installation and system design training offerings, from on site workshops and programs to online courses to training at energy fairs and conferences.  There’s an extensive table, alphabetical by state, of more than 150 solar education providers, ranging from renewable energy specific training centers to university programs.  Schools and training organizations that have NABCEP-certified installers—both PV and solar thermal, are included in the table, as are facilities that offer NABCEP’s Entry Level exam.

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