New Recertification Requirements Beginning January 1, 2019

Our Board of Directors recently approved changes to NABCEP’s recertification requirements to align with changes in the industry. The new recertification requirements for NABCEP’s Board Certifications can be seen below.

The recertification changes apply to PVIP, PVCMS, PVDS, PVIS and SHI certifications only.  They do not apply to PVTS, PVSI, SHSI, or Associate credentials.  Recertification/renewal for those credentials remain the same.

30 Continuing Education Units

• Continuing Education requirements for all certifications except for PV Technical Sales and our Associate credentials, will increase to 30 hours. For a breakdown of the new CEU requirements for each of NABCEP’s programs please click here.

Industry Involvement

To be eligible for recertification, NABCEP Board Certified Professionals (except PV Technical Sales) must submit a letter on letterhead, signed by an employer stating the applicant is still actively involved in the renewable energy industry and describing the industry activity of the applicant.
1.) Industry activity must meet one of the minimum requirements as described below.
2.) Alternative activities may be submitted for review and acceptance by NABCEP.
3.) Letter must include specific details as described below.

Minimum Industry Involvement Requirements

1) Applicant had a decision-making role in the installation(s) of at least 3 completed installs within the applicant’s three (3) year certification period.
2) Teacher/trainer/instructor who teaches at least 120 hours of an advanced PV* course(s) or a registered NABCEP PV Associate course within the applicant’s three (3) year certification period.
3) Leadership role for at least one (1) year in a business or organization that trains students, customers, or clientele to design, install, commission, maintain, inspect or carry out other activities in the PV* market within the applicant’s three (3) year certification period.
4) Leadership role for at least one (1) year in a business that designs, installs, sells, commissions, maintains, inspects, or finances PV* systems or manufactures solar industry equipment within the applicant’s three (3) year certification period.
5) Leadership role relating to PV* within the renewable energy industry for at least 36 hours within the applicant’s three (3) year certification period (e.g. committee or board member in a renewable energy association or company).

PV* to be replaced by Solar Heating for SHI recertification

Transition Period: January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019

• Current and former NABCEP Board Certified Professionals will be able to choose to recertify under the current recertification requirements (18 CEUs and experience requirements) OR the new recertification requirements (30 CEUs and industry involvement) for one (1) year after January 1, 2019. Beginning on January 1, 2020 all current and former NABCEP Board Certified Professionals will need to meet the new recertification requirements in order to recertify.

Recertification Information

NABCEP certification should be viewed as a dynamic and ongoing process. Those who achieve NABCEP certification should strive to update and refresh their knowledge about installing both PV and Solar Heating systems.

Recertification is defined as a process designed to facilitate continued competence through participation in a learning process that enhances the certificant’s knowledge, skills and abilities in the fields of renewable and sustainable energy systems. Recertification assures the public, employers, and practitioners that the nationally certified professional in the fields of renewable and sustainable energy systems remains committed to continued professional training and education and adherence to the NABCEP’s Code of Ethics.

In order to maintain certification, NABCEP certificants must obtain 18 contact hours of continuing education (CE) in certain solar and business-related areas within three years of initial certification; six hours related to applicable Code, six hours related to the NABCEP Job Task Analysis, and six hours of instruction related to PV, Solar Heating, or renewable energy that may be technical or non-technical.  Details can be found in section 19 of the NABCEP Certification Handbook.  Educators and others who provide training and education in these areas should become familiar with these guidelines.

Current Recertification Requirements for NABCEP Certificants.

Please download the NABCEP Certification Handbook for recertification requirements.

  • Section 3.7 and Section 19 for PV Installation Professional (PVIP)
  • Section 4.7 and Section 19 for PV Design Specialist (PVDS)
  • Section 5.7 and Section 19 for PV Installer Specialist (PVIS)
  • Section 6.7 and Section 19 for PV Commissioning & Maintenance Specialist (PVCMS)
  • Section 7.7 and Section 19 for PV Technical Sales Professional (PVTS)
  • Section 8.7 and Section 19 for PV System Inspector (PVSI)
  • Section 9.7 and Section 19 for SH System Inspector (SHSI)
  • Section 10.7 and Section 19 for SH Installer (SHI)
  • Section 11 and Section 19.10 for Small Wind Installer (SWI)

Applying for Recertification

Certificants may submit their Recertification Application during the third (3rd) year of their current certification. Certificants are required to log in to their account to complete and submit a recertification application electronically for review. Certificants will need to log in at and enter their user name and password. Once logged in, there will be a gray box on the right-hand side of the screen that says “Recertification / Renewals.” Certificants will need to click on the link in the gray box corresponding to their certification and begin the recertification application. (Please do not click under “Existing Application”).

Use the NABCEP Course Catalog to find courses  to satisfy NABCEP’s requirements for Recertification.