Exam Provider Registration

Becoming a Registered NABCEP Entry Level Exam Provider

The Entry Level Program can be offered by any accredited university, college, community college, or vocational-technical institute; or offered by any Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee or U.S. Department of Labor approved apprenticeship program; or offered by a training program accredited by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) or similar accrediting body; or Accredited Training sponsored by the National Center for Construction Education and Research for “Introduction to Solar Photovoltaics.”

For organizations interested in becoming a registered NABCEP Entry Level Exam Provider the Entry Level Provider Info Packet:

  • Includes information about NABCEP;
  • Provides guidelines and process for provider participation;
  • Gives details about the Entry Level Exam.

This packet provides an overview of the program and we ask that you review it before contacting NABCEP with any questions.

Organizations who want to register as Providers of the NABCEP Entry Level Exam must complete the NABCEP online Exam Provider Application https://my.nabcep.org/.  Providers must also sign an Agreement Form, and agree formally to the policies and procedures outlined in the Entry Level Provider Info Packet.

Course(s) are required to have an interactive teacher-learner structure.  This implies a connection between a learner and a learning source.  It can include classroom time led by an instructor and/or discussion leader.  It can also include activities in which a learner is engaged in a planned learning event in which he/she is separated from faculty and other students but where the learner receives some sort of feedback and the learner’s progress is monitored.  Examples include computer-assisted instruction, interactive video/CD/DVD and/or web site learning.

Providers are required to provide students with the necessary information covering the NABCEP-issued Entry Level Learning Objectives.  This material shall be presented in a well developed way.  Courses can include more than the Entry Level Learning Objectives but must include a comprehensive review of them.

All Exam Providers must provide special testing accommodations and comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and other applicable laws. All Exam Providers must provide a copy of the appropriate Certificate of Insurance(s) showing that professional liability and general liability policies are maintained with respect to the administration of examinations.

NABCEP has the right to make changes to these criteria for Exam Provider Participation.


NABCEP does not have curriculum available for the Entry Level Program courses.  Curriculum must be developed by Exam Providers from NABCEP’s Entry Level Learning Objectives which are conveniently broken down into subtopics for the development of curriculum.  Exam Providers may use the resources and materials they prefer in order to sufficiently prepare students for the Entry Level Exam.  Included in the Learning Objectives is a listing of book suggestions that a Exam Provider my choose to use.  Exam Providers are not limited to this list and may find other suitable references.

Current Exam Providers

Click Here to view the  institutions that have registered to offer the NABCEP  Entry Level Exam.  Please contact them directly for information about their class offerings and course details.