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NABCEP Certified Professionals

Name Certification City, State Organization Contact
Nicholas AbrashPV Installation Professional
# 091209-1
Reston, VAstandard solar incContact
Matthew AllenPV Installation Professional
# PV-102415-011539
Harrisonburg, VASigora SolarContact
Taylor BalacPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-011519
Harrisonburg, VAAltenergyContact
Sean BarkleyPV Technical Sales
# TS-041616-013881
Charlottesville, VASigora SolarContact
Walter BendaPV Installation Professional
# PV-101913-002747
Max Meadows, VABlue Ridge SunContact
Bogdan BindeaPV Installation Professional
# PV-101913-003156
Waynesboro, VAContact
Ricardo BrownPV Installation Professional
# 110112-21
Check, VASolShine Energy AlternativesContact
Andrew CoylePV Installation Professional
# PV-101913-002204
Norfolk, VASunpowerContact
Joseph CrosbiePV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-011460
Lexington, VAContact
Kelly FaustPV Installation Professional
# PV-100414-010207
Faber, VAContact
Kelly FaustPV Technical Sales
# TS-041115-010207
Faber, VAContact
Nicholas GiannottiPV Technical Sales
# TS-100414-010310
Alexandria, VAContact
Thomas HaacPV Installation Professional
# PV-041214-001217
Blacksburg, VABaseline Solar SolutionsContact
Ryan HealyPV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-011077
Chesapeake, VAConvert SolarContact
Andrew HershbergerPV Installation Professional
# 032611-139
Harrisonburg, VAContact
Sean InglesPV Installation Professional
# 032611-151
Richmond, VAIntegrated Power Sources Of VirginiaContact
Jon KirchnerPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-011534
Greenwood, VASigora SolarContact
Joni LanePV Technical Sales
# TS-041616-013974
Charlottesville, VASigora SolarContact
Daryl LanouettePV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-011073
Gloucester, VAContact
Nick MesserPV Technical Sales
# TS-041214-003133
Sterling, VAProspect Solar, LLCContact
Samuel MitchellPV Installation Professional
# PV-100414-004614
Lebanon, VAContact
Joseph MoorePV Technical Sales
# TS-102415-004662
Swoope, VAAltenergy IncorporatedContact
Joseph MoorePV Installation Professional
# PV-041214-004662
Swoope, VAAltenergy IncorporatedContact
Peter MoreningsPV Technical Sales
# TS-101913-002121
Bristol, VAContact
Jacob MurrayPV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-013762
Afton, VAAltenergy Incorporated Contact
Jeff NicholsonPV Technical Sales
# TS-041214-004703
Waynesboro, VASigora SolarContact
Jeff NicholsonPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-004703
Waynesboro, VASigora SolarContact
Christopher PagePV Installation Professional
# PV-101913-001298
Richmond , VAContact
Randall PeltolaPV Installation Professional
# 042013-99
Waynesboro, VAGenesis Home and EnergyContact
Jonathan ProffittPV Technical Sales
# TS-041115-011484
Charlottesville, VASigora SolarContact
Jorge RamosPV Installation Professional
# 042013-105
Manassas, VASG IncContact
Casey RiedlPV Installation Professional
# PV-102415-012752
Spotsylvania, VASigora SolarContact
Heather RigglemanPV Technical Sales
# TS-041115-010633
Waynesboro , VASigora Solar Contact
James RodriguePV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-011316
Virginia Beach, VAContact
John RudminPV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-013972
Lynchburg, VANew Dominion Solar, LLCContact
Tim RumfordPV Installation Professional
# 091110-100
Ashburn, VAHelios Solar SystemsContact
Jeffrey RyanPV Technical Sales
# PVTS081112-62
Richmond, VAIronRidge, Inc.Contact
Andrew SkinnerPV Technical Sales
# TS-041214-003161
Bluemont, VAProspect SolarContact
Eric SmithPV Installation Professional
# PV-102415-012735
Charlottesville, VAContact
James SoyarsPV Installation Professional
# PV-041214-004646
Cascade, VAContact
Shankaransh SrivastavaPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-011234
Sterling, VAContact
Cameron StalkerPV Technical Sales
# TS-041616-013763
Midlothian, VASigora SolarContact
T.Jameson StottPV Installation Professional
# 051112-179
Richmond, VAContact
Mike StudholmePV Installation Professional
# PV-041214-004306
Woodbridge, VAContact
Fred WalkerPV Installation Professional
# PV-102415-011537
Richmond, VAContact
David WallPV Installation Professional
# PV-103116-015274
Madison Heights, VAAffordable Energy Concepts, IncContact
Jason WelchPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-011535
Staunton, VASigora SolarContact
Chad WilkinsPV Installation Professional
# PV-101913-002900
Virginia Beach, VAConvert SolarContact
Jefferson WiltshirePV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-013980
Fredericksubrg, VAContact
Allan WulffSolar Heating Installer
# SH-041214-041025
Roanoke, VAContact
David ZachowPV Installation Professional
# 051112-201
Check, VADirect Connect Solar & Electric LLCContact
Each NABCEP Certificant has a unique Certification number. This number provides important information for the consumer because it tells how long the individual has been NABCEP Certified. The number is coded in a month/day/year-random number format (mm/dd/yy-#). For example the Certified Installer number "102503-48" means that the individual became certified on October 25th 2003.