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NABCEP Certified Professionals

Name Certification City, State Organization Contact
Emil AlbrechtPV Installation Professional
# 110112-2
Destrehan, LAContact
John BennettPV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-013908
New Orleans, LAJoule Solar EnergyContact
Jeremie BrantonPV Installation Professional
# 091209-23
Shreveport, LAFreedom Power, LLCContact
Jeffrey CantinPV Installation Professional
# 031310-35
New Orleans, LASolar AlternativesContact
Christopher ChidesterPV Technical Sales
# TS-041616-006339
Baton Rouge, LASteadfast Electric LLCContact
Michael DeesePV Technical Sales
# TS-102415-010614
New Orleans, LAJoule Solar EnergyContact
David DennyPV Technical Sales
# PVTS032412-14
New Orleans, LAJoule Solar EnergyContact
Dennis EppPV Installation Professional
# 091308-60
River Ridge, LAGulf Winds Energy, LLCContact
James HaynesPV Installation Professional
# 031310-98
Maurice, LAJEH SolarContact
Henry HutchinsonPV Technical Sales
# TS-041115-011551
New Orleans, LAJoule Solar EnergyContact
Taylor JacksonPV Technical Sales
# TS-041115-011440
New Orleans, LAJoule Solar EnergyContact
Andrew KeePV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-011530
New Orleans, LAJoule Solar EnergyContact
Andrew KeePV Technical Sales
# TS-102415-011530
New Orleans, LAJoule Solar EnergyContact
Michael KingPV Installation Professional
# PV-101216-012831
New Orleans, LASupreme Power LLCContact
Robert O'HaraPV Technical Sales
# TS-100414-010428
New Orleans, LAJoule Solar EnergyContact
Robert O'HaraPV Installation Professional
# PV-102415-010428
New Orleans, LAJoule Solar EnergyContact
Matthew RobertsPV Installation Professional
# 091110-211
Stonewall, LAOne Planet Solar & Wind LLCContact
Justin RunnelsPV Installation Professional
# 091308-44
New Orleans, LASOLENERGY, LLC (CALL TODAY 225.573.5024)Contact
Corey ShalanskiPV Installation Professional
# 091209-163
New Orleans, LAJoule Solar EnergyContact
Ryan SharpPV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-012802
Baton Rouge, LAPosiGen Solar SolutionsContact
Jeff ShawPV Installation Professional
# 031409-126
Baton Rouge, LAGulf South SolarContact
Randolph StarrPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-010295
New Orleans, LAEcopro Solar SupplyContact
David StetsPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-002236
New Orleans, LABySolar.netContact
James WalshPV Installation Professional
# PV-102415-003096
Baton Rouge, LAVeteran Supply Services, LLCContact
Glynn WoodallPV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-012783
Madisonville , LAPosiGen Solar SolutionsContact
Each NABCEP Certificant has a unique Certification number. This number provides important information for the consumer because it tells how long the individual has been NABCEP Certified. The number is coded in a month/day/year-random number format (mm/dd/yy-#). For example the Certified Installer number "102503-48" means that the individual became certified on October 25th 2003.