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NABCEP Certified Professionals

Name Certification City, State Organization Contact
Madeline AcriPV Technical Sales
# TS-102117-016898
Winnetka, ILContact
Joshua AdamsPV Installation Professional
# PV-102117-017088
Mt. Vernon, ILClinton Electric, Inc.Contact
John AileyPV Installation Professional
# PV-041214-004605
Chicago, ILAiley Solar Electric, Inc.Contact
Aur Beck SteinPV Technical Sales
# PVTS032412-6
Carterville, ILAdvanced Energy Solutions Group, IncContact
Aur Beck SteinPV Installation Professional
# 032611-24
Carterville, ILAdvanced Energy Solutions Group, IncContact
Erik BrandenburgerPV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-014721
Berwyn, ILContact
Dorian BreuerPV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-013982
Oak Park, ILAiley Solar Electric, Inc.Contact
Dorian BreuerPV Technical Sales
# TS-102216-013982
Oak Park, ILAiley Solar Electric, Inc.Contact
Jeffrey DeBatesPV Installation Professional
# 091804-8
Geneva, ILContact
Gauthier DuboisPV Installation Professional
# 032611-96
Chicago, ILContact
David DwyerPV Installation Professional
# 091308-58
Evanston, ILAmerican Renewable Energy and Power, LLC. Contact
James FisherPV Installation Professional
# PV-042118-020548
Brighton, ILContact
Robert HattierPV Technical Sales
# PVTS012911-40
Chicago, ILContact
Robert HattierPV System Inspector
# PVSI-081618-004066
Chicago, ILContact
Robert HattierPV Installation Professional
# 031409-53
Chicago, ILContact
Gerald HoffPV Installation Professional
# 031310-103
Itasca, ILContact
Gerald HoffPV System Inspector
# PVSI-010719-006727
Itasca, ILContact
Brandon HousePV Installation Professional
# PV-102117-018270
Hazel Crest, ILMillennium Solar Electric Contact
Jivko JelevPV Installation Professional
# 110112-69
Tinley Park, ILContact
Peter KavvadasPV Installation Professional
# PV-041214-003070
Orland Park , ILPAK Energy Inc.Contact
Adam KiehnaPV Installation Professional
# PV-102117-019203
Alton, ILStraightUp SolarContact
Jacob McAfeePV Installation Professional
# PV-102415-012600
Fairview Heights, ILEFS EnergyContact
Jason MulhollandPV Technical Sales
# TS-041115-011424
Effingham, ILTick Tock EnergyContact
Eben NeedhamPV Installation Professional
# PV-011219-010098
Lombard, ILTeslaContact
Nicholas NeitzelPV Installation Professional
# PV-102113-000913
Saint Charles, ILSargent & Lundy, LLCContact
Michael NicolosiPV Technical Sales
# TS-102117-004846
Wheaton, ILRethink ElectricContact
Michael NicolosiPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-004846
Wheaton, ILRethink ElectricContact
Jonathan NieuwsmaPV Technical Sales
# TS-042217-016767
Evanston, ILCS2 Renewable EnergyContact
Ronnie ObaraPV Installation Professional
# 091209-132
Northbrook, ILContact
Joseph OKeefePV Installation Professional
# 110112-102
Oak Lawn, ILSummit Solar Solutions LLCContact
Seth PartridgePV Installation Professional
# PV-101518-022110
Chicago, ILContact
Eric PetermanPV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-015509
Arlington Heights, ILContact
Josh RichardsonPV Technical Sales
# TS-102117-017170
Wheaton, ILRethink ElectricContact
Garrison RiegelPV Installation Professional
# 032611-269
Chicago, ILRethink ElectricContact
Brent RitzelPV Technical Sales
# TS-102117-019254
Carbondale, ILContact
Jonathan RobertsPV Installation Professional
# PV-102216-010716
Chicago, ILSoltageContact
Cesar RomoPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-003675
Palos Hills, ILContinental Electrical Construction CompanyContact
Michael RosePV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-015112
Franklin Park, ILContact
Peter SteinPV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-012522
Chicago, ILSoCore EnergyContact
Daniel StrohPV Installation Professional
# 042013-130
Edwardsville, ILAzimuth EnergyContact
Ronald SturmPV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-016788
Brandon SummersPV Installation Professional
# PV-102216-013822
Chicago, ILContact
Jeremy VavrikPV Installation Professional
# PV-041918-020693
Chicago, ILContact
Ramon "Reny" VenturaPV Installation Professional
# PV-102216-015273
Chicago, ILBorrego Solar SystemsContact
Matthew VesterPV Installation Professional
# 091209-184
Chicago, ILContinental Electrical Construction Co.Contact
Matthew VesterSolar Heating Installer
# SH031310-24
Chicago, ILContinental Electrical Construction Co.Contact
Kenneth VojtikPV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-011593
Aurora, ILContact
Zachary WittPV Technical Sales
# TS-102018-020699
Barrington, ILilumen, LLCContact
Each NABCEP Certificant has a unique Certification number. This number provides important information for the consumer because it tells how long the individual has been NABCEP Certified. The number is coded in a month/day/year-random number format (mm/dd/yy-#). For example the Certified Installer number "102503-48" means that the individual became certified on October 25th 2003.