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NABCEP Certified Professionals

Name Certification City, State Organization Contact
Wade FitzgeraldPV Installation Professional
# PV-100414-004391
Boise, IDCypress Creek RenewablesContact
Micah HornbackPV Technical Sales
# TS-042217-016780
Boise, IDContact
Derek JacksonPV Installation Professional
# 051112-93
Boise, IDContact
Alex McKinleyPV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-015892
Boise, IDEmpowered SolarContact
Wesley MorrisPV Installation Professional
# 110112-97
Pocatello, IDContact
Brian NielsenPV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-017110
Boise , IDAltenergy IncorporatedContact
Dana OrzelPV Installation Professional
# 051112-136
Hailey, IDGreat Solar Works! Idaho incContact
Jesse SimpsonPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-003826
Boise, IDAltenergy IncorporatedContact
George StantonPV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-017143
Boise, IDContact
Oborn TyrelPV Installation Professional
# PV-041214-004495
Pocatello, IDBig Dog SolarContact
Christopher WilliamsPV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-010594
Boise, IDContact
Each NABCEP Certificant has a unique Certification number. This number provides important information for the consumer because it tells how long the individual has been NABCEP Certified. The number is coded in a month/day/year-random number format (mm/dd/yy-#). For example the Certified Installer number "102503-48" means that the individual became certified on October 25th 2003.