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NABCEP Certified Professionals

Name Certification City, State Organization Contact
Ian AgnewPV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-017125
Atlanta, GARadiance SolarContact
George AndrewsPV Installation Professional
# 031409-3
Barnesville, GASolar Source GeorgiaContact
David BowenPV Installation Professional
# 091209-21
Watkinsville, GATurnsol Energy, Inc. / Drew Bowen Electric, Inc. Contact
Casey BuschPV Installation Professional
# PV-102117-015385
Lilburn, GAAlternative Energy SoutheastContact
Casey BuschPV Technical Sales
# TS-042217-015385
Lilburn, GAAlternative Energy SoutheastContact
Steve ChiarielloPV Installation Professional
# 031310-37
Atlanta, GAInman SolarContact
Anthony ChristopherPV Installation Professional
# PV-100414-003560
Stockbridge, GAHannah Solar LLC. / WorryFreePower.comContact
Anthony ChristopherPV System Inspector
# PVSI-040818-003560
Stockbridge, GAHannah Solar LLC. / WorryFreePower.comContact
Chuck ClarkePV Installation Professional
# 051112-37
Atlanta, GAVelo SolarContact
Peter CorbettPV Installation Professional
# 091110-145
Marietta, GASolAmerica EnergyContact
Peter CorbettPV Technical Sales
# PVTS073011-14
Marietta, GASolAmerica EnergyContact
Dana CraigPV Installation Professional
# PV-020818-012445
Canton, GARadiance SolarContact
Scott EarpPV Installation Professional
# 031310-59
Gainesville, GASouther View Energy. IncContact
Jacobus ErasmusPV Installation Professional
# PV-102216-013600
Woodstock, GAContact
Neal EricksonPV Installation Professional
# 110112-44
Alpharetta, GAUnited Renewable EnergyContact
David FischerPV Installation Professional
# 092411-54
Alpharetta, GAFischer Contractors, LLCContact
Taylor FordPV Installation Professional
# PV-041115-010586
Athens & Madison, GASolar Sun WorldContact
Richard GalePV Installation Professional
# 032611-117
Atlanta, GACreative Solar USA (& independently at Regal Endeavors)Contact
Chris GrayPV Technical Sales
# TS-041616-011714
Buford, GAPursuit EngineeringContact
Seth GunningPV Technical Sales
# TS-102018-016852
Roswell, GACreative SolarContact
Seth GunningPV Installation Professional
# PV-102117-016852
Roswell, GACreative SolarContact
Stephen GuntherPV Installation Professional
# PV-102216-013729
Lafayette, GAEden Energy LLCContact
Sol HaroonPV Technical Sales
# TS-041616-006682
Duluth, GAPursuit EngineeringContact
Sol HaroonPV Installation Professional
# 042013-45
Duluth, GAPursuit EngineeringContact
Jeff HiresPV Installation Professional
# 032611-142
Cumming, GAPursuit EngineeringContact
Scott KlughPV Installation Professional
# PV-042217-016656
Hamilton, GAContact
Terry LovePV Installation Professional
# PV-102117-015111
Morganton, GAContact
James MarlowPV Technical Sales
# PVTS073011-34
Atlanta, GARadiance SolarContact
Pete MartePV Installation Professional
# 032611-201
Atlanta, GAHannah Solar, LLCContact
Michael McGrathPV Installation Professional
# PV-102216-015314
Oakwood, GAContact
Christopher McMahanPV Technical Sales
# TS-102018-022648
Decatur, GAContact
Billie NortonPV Installation Professional
# 031310-163
Ringgold, GAMetro Services IncContact
Ian PhillipsPV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-011550
Savannah, GAContact
Kelly ProvencePV Installation Professional
# 031806-28
Dahlonega, GASolairgen School of Solar TechnologyContact
Kelly ProvencePV System Inspector
# PVSI-060517-004096
Dahlonega, GASolairgen School of Solar TechnologyContact
Patrick SargentPV Installation Professional
# PV-101913-001737
Canton, GAContact
Donald TonicPV Installation Professional
# PV-041616-004765
Atlanta, GAGreen Energy Efficiency LLC/Solar Plus, LLCContact
Irina TyxPV Installation Professional
# PV-102117-014830
Roswell, GAContact
John ValentinePV Installation Professional
# PV-101913-001104
Gainesville,, GAGain Solar ServicesContact
Leo WangPV System Inspector
# PVSI-030318-020568
Johns Creek, GAContact
Each NABCEP Certificant has a unique Certification number. This number provides important information for the consumer because it tells how long the individual has been NABCEP Certified. The number is coded in a month/day/year-random number format (mm/dd/yy-#). For example the Certified Installer number "102503-48" means that the individual became certified on October 25th 2003.